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Earthquake Seismology

Welcome to the professional portfolio of Roberto Cabieces, a dedicated seismologist and researcher specializing in earthquake seismology, signal processing, and programming. Explore my expertise in understanding seismic events, innovative signal analysis techniques, and software development for seismic data interpretation. Discover insights, research findings, and projects showcasing my passion for unraveling the mysteries of the Earth’s movements.

New Seismic Software

Big Data

surfQuake has been designed to streamline the workflow of estimating seismic source parameters. Comprehensive set of toolboxes automates the determination of arrival times, event locations, event magnitudes , attenuation, and moment tensor inversion. The software is programmed in Python 3 and offers the users the possibility of three programming levels for flexibility and customization.

Signal Processing


GUI-based software designed to facilitate common seismic tasks to researchers and students.

ISP Gallery

Locate Earthquakes

Locate Earthquakes using 3D models and estimates the focal mechanism

Store everything in a SQL database

Store your locations, magnitudes, slowness and moment tensor inside a SQLlite database